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Learn In helps resource constrained teams rapidly deploy a skill academy with the best in-house and world-class programs run in cohorts, applied via capstone, and tracked end-to-end.

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What are Skill Academies?

Skill academies are fully programmed and managed delivery of upskilling in the complex skills that people need today. Learn In’s approach enables you to launch academies that are modular, skills-focused, spun up quickly and run in parallel.

Program Marketplace

Optimally sequence in-house and world-class external programs with  SMEs involved at the right moments.

Learn Together

Scheduled learning in cohorts, both live guided online and asynchronous, to encourage collaboration with company peers.

Hands-on Application

Integrate SME developed and reviewed practice tasks such as case studies, projects, and apprenticeships.

Track Progress

See how learners are building skills, review completion, and analyze upskilling metrics across every team.

“An academy goes beyond a 'library of content.'
It is a place people go to advance their job-related capabilities. It goes beyond technical and functional skills, and focuses on the business capabilities a company needs to thrive."

Josh Bersin

Global Analyst & Thought Leader
Founder of Bersin Academy

Learn In’s Technology

The world's first platform to deploy academies for every team and every skill.

Content Marketplace

Learn Together

Track Progress

Upskilling Success

Learn In's Upskilling Success Team will partner with you at every step.

Design & Develop

Run & Coach

Measure & Review

Replicate & Scale

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