Skill-Building for
Today's Workforce

Skill-building moments are ever-increasing, with Learn In Skill Academies you can deliver high quality learning for every moment for every team that's cohort-based, hands-on, blended, expert-involved, and tracked end-to-end.

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Learn In Skill Academies

Learn In Skill Academies enables line-of-business leaders to more rapidly develop much needed skills at a higher quality and with more consistency, while giving L&D full insight and tracking of every cohort.


Build optimal sequences from your existing content and world-class external programs involving SMEs.

Cohorts and Capstones

Schedule blended learning in cohorts, and integrated SME created hands-on projects and tasks.

Recap and Report

Review analytics for every cohort, including what to improve, plus who’s building and applying skills.


Skill-building is hard. Our accountability coaches work with each learner to reach their goals.

“An academy goes beyond a 'library of content.'
It is a place people go to advance their job-related capabilities. It goes beyond technical and functional skills, and focuses on the business capabilities a company needs to thrive."

Josh Bersin

Global Analyst & Thought Leader
Founder of Bersin Academy

Learn In’s Technology

The world's first platform for L&D and business leaders to deploy skill academies to every team.

Sequence Cohorts

Learn Together

Track Progress

Every Skill-Building Moment

Create academies for different moments of skill-building need,
and even differentiate each cohort by the "starting" skill-level.

Employee Onboarding

Functional Needs

Strategic Initiatives

Product Releases

Let's start building your academy