Time and money to upskill at work

We partner with your employer to provide you the time and money to learn new skills while working

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Learning made easy

You pick the program

Pick a traditional bachelor's or master's degree, or go for a more condensed skills bootcamp or certificate program.

Education for professionals

Select from education options made for busy, mid-career professionals that are online, less expensive, and relevant to your company.

Aim for a higher salary

Learn more so you can earn more. Focus on learning new skills that will help you advance in your career.

Who pays for it?

Start with a discount

We help your employer negotiate discounts on many programs.

Tuition reimbursement

Many companies offer tuition reimbursement up to $5,250 a year. We make it easy to use.

Additional company scholarships

If you are learning skills that your company needs, they will often pay for even more of your education.

Easy financing options

In case that is not enough, we can help you find easy-to-use financing options to cover the rest.

How do I make time for it?

Learning time at work

Keep your weekends. We help you get approved for dedicated learning time during the workweek.

Learning sabbaticals

Want to focus on learning? Take time off for learning, stay on your benefits plan, and return to work when finished.

Why would my company participate?

To save money

We convince companies that investing in employees is a smart decision. Having employees quit their jobs for a better opportunity or leave to go back to school can cost your employer 50-200% of your annual salary. Training-and-retaining employees is often more cost-effective for the company, even if they pay your full tuition.

To get in-demand skills

The world is changing and your company needs skills to keep up. Developing those skills internally costs less than hiring.

To ensure employee engagement

Forcing employees to learn in their ‘free time’ with no company support is a recipe for burnout and low morale. This is a better way for everyone.