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skill building

Remove barriers so more employees can start, complete, and apply learning aligned to business needs.

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Build more talent, not content

Unlike on-the-fly microlearning or misaligned degrees, Learn In’s talent-building tools unlocks skills-based programs with coaching, and realigns available time and money so every employee gets to upskill.

The best bootcamps and certificate programs in one place.

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people.”

Lawrence Bossidy
Former COO of Honeywell

Teams we help

For L&D

Gain cost savings and improved ROI.


For Benefits

Unlock smarter tuition financing.



Build a more diverse workforce.


For Talent

Assemble the most talented team.


What is talent-building?

To bridge skills gaps at scale, talent-building needs to be a part of a company's overall talent management strategy.

What is needed is a new, more intentional approach to up-leveling talent.

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What we believe

Learn Intensively

We do skill-building programs.

We don’t do micro learning.

Learn Intentionally

We do learning for business impact.

We don’t do learning for the sake of it.

Learn Inclusively

We remove barriers so all can succeed.

We don't leave engagement to chance.

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