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[December 23, 2020] Learn In's ABCD Newsletter - announcements, blog posts to read, case studies for upskilling, and a discussion topic.

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Learn In's ABCDs - announcements, blog posts to read, case studies for upskilling, and a discussion topic.


  • Learn In is announced as one of HolonIQ’s EdTech 100 most innovative startups across North America. We're excited to share this recognition with some of our great partners like Springboard, Pathstream, Foundry College, edX, and Vemo.
  • David Blake is GSV’s “triple threat CEO,” read about his endeavors here.

Blog Posts To Read:

  • “We surveyed more than 800 HR leaders across industries and regions to identify their priorities for 2021. Building critical skills and competencies tops the list, but many HR leaders will also prioritize workforce and work (re)design, leadership and employee experience — as well as navigating ongoing shifts in work trends”
    Article: Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2021 - Gartner
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Case Study for Upskilling:

  • JPMorgan Chase has been a leader in upskilling and reskilling its workforce. They have announced over $600M in investment in programs that create economic opportunities and career mobility. JPMorgan has also partnered with MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy to forecast future workplace trends and skills that will be needed for advancement.

Discussion Topic:

  • “When someone asks you about your education why do you say where you went to university? If someone asked you about your health you wouldn’t say you ran a marathon 13 years ago.” - David Blake
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