Empower every employee

Learn In’s easy-to-run learning stipend and skills marketplace helps HR and L&D teams instantly empower every employee to build skills for business needs.

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Small investments, big rewards

With Learn In's prepaid learning stipends, a tailor-made program marketplace, and dedicated coaching, you'll improve engagement, morale, retention, and be more competitive in attracting the best talent.

Remove the barrier of reimbursement

Easily issue a prepaid virtual card, set limits, assign to select programs, and pause or cancel stipends as needed

Align stipends to
skill needs

Select skills from a marketplace of 1000s of the best certificates, bootcamps, courses, conferences, or internal content. 

Encourage learning now not later

Add time-bounded incentives to encourage faster completion, plus approve learning time so more employees can learn.

Flexible financing options

Offer financing options
from traditional tuition assistance, scholarships, and completion bonuses, to expand access to learning.

Easy-to-run (and control) Tool

Learn In is a simple yet powerful tool for learning stipends. Employees access a dashboard to track their budget and are supported by a dedicated coach. L&D and business leaders can add programs via a tailor-made program marketplace, and have complete control over approvals, spend, and learning insights for each employee.

Employee learning dashboard
with built-in approvals

Tailor-made Marketplace
with your approved programs

Track every dollar
and see learner progress

All-in-one Marketplace

100s of pre-vetted long-form programs or add your own personal learning opportunities to fit your budget.
Start from $10 per month per employee.




Personal Learning

World's best skill-building programs

+ any personal learning option such as

“Organizations with a strong learning culture are 92 percent more likely to develop novel products and processes, 52 percent more productive, and 17 percent more profitable than their peers."

- Deloitte

Learning Stipends help with

Higher Engagement
Lifting Retention
Boosting Morale
Learning Ownership
Attracting Talent
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