Another Big Leap Towards Reaching Our Mission of Closing Skills Gaps: Learn In to be Acquired by Degreed

Born during COVID, Learn In has experienced tremendous momentum in two short years. In just the past six months, we’ve generated significant client traction, secured an oversubscribed $13 Million in Series A funding, doubled our team, and accrued several accolades, including Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces, Emerge Education Top 50, and ASU+GV Top 20 Edtech. 

All of these efforts, including today’s announcement, have been inspired by our mission to help more people cross the skills gap

So today, we’re thrilled to announce that Learn In will be acquired by Degreed. The way we see it—putting on those iconic Degreed glasses—this acquisition is a pivotal moment in our journey to cross the widening skills gap.

A Critical Skill-Building Mission and Moment 

Now, more than ever, the Learn In mission is critical. The skills gap grows amidst the Great Resignation and the unforgiving pace of digital transformation. Seeing the writing on the wall, for years companies have tried new solutions for training and advancement, each with its purpose from compliance administration to creating a self-directed learning culture. 

Yet, the hard task of skill-building requires a different, more intentional approach, especially as companies are having to deal with heightened employee expectations and alarm. A Prudential report found that 80% of those switching jobs are doing so because they’re concerned about career advancement, and 72% of these workers want to switch jobs to acquire new skills. And according to a recent Gartner study, “workforce” concerns are now near the top of the list for most CEOs.

As employees demand more learning and development, and companies are struggling with a lack of skilled talent, they’ll need to come together to cross the skills gap.

Learn In With More Possibilities

Learn In will remain a wholly-owned subsidiary of Degreed. We see infinite opportunities by joining with the strength and success of Degreed, a key professional lifelong learning infrastructure and category-defining platform chosen by more than one in three Fortune 50 companies.

Degreed, a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), will continue to champion self-directed learning and knowledge-centered company learning cultures and Learn In, the leading Internal Talent Academy (ITA) platform, will continue to build collaborative and scalable skill-building experiences that can scale to the needs of one, few or many employees.

Degreed clients will be able to benefit from Learn In’s core features, including deep platform integration of education benefits, and learning stipends with a world-class program marketplace in the coming months. Beyond that, Learn In’s platform can also enable companies to develop internal custom programs and career-aligned academies. Together, both platforms will cover the broad range of development options we know people use today, spanning daily learning to long-term upskilling for individual career growth and innovation within organizations.

Together, Degreed + Learn In will provide the broadest spectrum of talent development options.

Our Commitment

As we embark on this new uncharted flight path, we’ll continue to build the best solution that meets the needs of CLOs and CHROs everywhere so they can optimize and get more from existing resources and initiatives. So whether you’re a current Degreed customer, or just beginning your focus on skill-building, we suggest asking yourself a few questions. Would offering every employee their own personal learning budget improve skills and make your benefits more competitive? Can you modernize your tuition benefits perhaps? Or maybe better administer your onboarding and leadership programs?

And if you feel that you’d like a co-pilot on that journey, we’re here ready to help narrow the skills gap inside of your organization.

– Learn In TEAM

About Learn In‍‍

Learn In helps companies establish talent academies that steer all the resources needed for building an always-skilled workforce. HR, Talent and L&D leaders use Learn In to modernize access to learning budgets and world-class programs, and to simplify the delivery of custom programs to employee groups. Learn In’s core features include a tuition benefits manager, a prepaid learning stipend card, a world-class program marketplace and custom program builder, and dedicated coaching. Now every employee can build deeper skills precisely aligned to company needs. Co-founded by the founders of Degreed, Learn In is a fully-owned subsidiary of Degreed and has been covered in CNBC, USA Today, EdTechReview, EdSurge, and Techcrunch.

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