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Sure, the number of skill building programs your employees have access to in their individual development journey is important; but if those program paths lack direction and cohesion with your business needs, both your company and your staff will likely be underwhelmed with the results. Learn In has not only curated hundreds of the industry’s top skill building programs into one marketplace, we’ve also given you the control to funnel employees eager to advance their skill sets into selected programs that fit your shared trajectories.

From data analytics and project management, to remote leadership and sales training, to even adding your own personal learning opportunities, this building block of your Talent Academy connects users to the relevant courses, conferences, certificates, and degrees that will further your company and their career. Get started today for just $10 an employee

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Learn In gives HR, Learning and Development and Talent professionals, as well as other managers and administrators throughout your organization the tools to hand select the inclusions your employees are offered. You can see program participants, and even nominate specific team members for a particular program. You’ll also be able to approve enrollment requests, track their progress, and set up custom initiatives all within our intuitive dashboard.

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