Deliver Deep Skilling with Skills Academies and Education Benefits

Whether you’re looking to reimagine your company’s education benefits or solve a specific skill development dilemma, Learn In, now a Degreed company, delivers flexibility, ease, and access that enables your employees — and your business — to grow.

What’s a Skill Academy?

HR, Learning and Development, and Talent professionals are implementing their company’s own Skill Academies with Learn In. Our entire suite of best-in-class building blocks are designed to modernize and simplify access and funding for skill development, as well as easily build custom programs for individual or group learning that further the precise skills your business needs to succeed — all in a singular platform.

What are Education Benefits?

Learn In Benefits, now part of Degreed, offers a solution for organizations of all sizes to enhance their employees’ learning and development. With our platform, your workforce can easily discover, finance, and manage learning opportunities at every stage of their career.

Everyday learning meets deep skilling. The rest is history.

Learn In is now part of the Degreed learning technology family and mission: to democratize learning, skill-building, and access to opportunities for employees worldwide.

Manage. Measure. Magnify.

Each Skill Academy Building Block provides you with robust reporting and insights on employee activity and progress, and are equipped with powerful controls that let you and your company’s leaders guide and accelerate their development by ensuring they’re learning intensively, intentionally, and inclusively.

Don’t Just Take It From Us:

“This year, like never before, upskilling and reskilling our people is imperative to deliver business results. We built a fully-custom onboarding program in a matter of hours when it used to take us months to navigate all the internal systems because Learn In has created the optimal training solution for our needs.”

JEN COLLINS former VP Learning & Development at Advantage Solutions

Upskilling is extremely popular among employees.

73% are more willing to work at a company that provides upskilling.
76% feel that upskilling offers job security.
Upskilled workers are 13% more positive about their job.

HR Leaders Weigh In

The top priority for HR leads in 2022 is Building Critical Skills & Competencies.

Other goals include organizational design & change management, current & future leadership, future of work and diversity, equity & inclusion.

Source: Gartner 2022

“The most effective L&D efforts aren’t just one-off learning initiatives. Rather, they’re fundamental culture shifts that acknowledge learning as a core part of growing a business and fostering long-term success, at both the individual and organizational level.”

Josh Bersin Founder and CEO,

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