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Who benefits from Learn In?


For most employees,
performing better in their current role is the main reason for investing in learning.

Talk to us, if you’d like your employer to provide learning time, pre-paid financing and better programs.

HR and L&D

4 of 5 employees highly
value a company’s learning opportunities when looking for a new job.

Talk to us, if you’re looking to attract more talent and reduce resignations.


Less than 1 in 3 employees
believe their employer will offer them learning opportunities to succeed.

Talk to us, if you're looking to deliver higher quality learning so more employees have job-ready skills.

Upskilling internal talent is 33% less expensive than hiring externally, and 94% of employees would stay longer at their employers if offered learning opportunities.

Can Learn In help guide us?

Learn In’s upskilling success team partners with you to drive skill-building results. From an initial design session through to review and continuous iteration.





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