Time and money to upskill at work

We are the first full-service upskilling benefits platform helping companies solve for every barrier that stands between them and the future of work.

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Use cases

Upskilling instead of hiring
New business opportunities require new skills. Upskilling your employees can be far more cost-effective than hiring externally.
Learning sabbaticals
Start sponsoring learning sabbaticals as an alternative to layoffs or furloughs, and strategically facilitate skills development.
Upskilling as a benefit
Job tenure is short and employees want to learn and grow. Upskilling as a benefit attracts and retains talent.

Feature spotlight

Partnerships with top training providers
We’ve scoured the market and found the top training providers by category so you don’t have to.
Time appropriations
Easily allocate and manage time for learning by opportunity, role or individual.
Innovative financing solutions
We work with innovative financing solution partners to fund programs that may not be fully covered by tuition reimbursement.
Minimize the boring stuff
We automate and simplify compliance, reimbursements and other paperwork.
Real time L&D ROI tracking
See the ROI progression in real-time as your organization completes learning milestones.
Invest where it matters
Subsidizing learning is no longer one-size-fits all. See where you should invest more, or less, depending on the business need.
ROI transparency on company-wide upskilling initiatives
Target incentives for learning (time & money) with precision to maximize ROI
Transform tuition assistance into a strategic tool that delivers on company objectives
Engage and retain employees through upskilling
Learning Leave Instead of Layoffs

See how to use learning sabbaticals as a better way of managing payroll reductions.