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Equitable access to better learning benefits

Reimagine your learning and educational benefits with Learn In Benefits — now a part of the Degreed family. Enable your workforce to find, fund, and facilitate learning opportunities for every phase of their career journey. Whether you’re a mid-size company looking to accelerate your business and your people, or an enterprise-level organization focused on continuous improvement across every facet of what you do, we’ve got a solution for you.

Prepaid Learning Stipends

With a global worker shortage affecting organizations worldwide, it’s crucial to encourage your workforce to learn sooner rather than later. Learn In’s Prepaid Learning Stipend modernizes and speeds up employee skill-building by removing reimbursement barriers. Issuing employees prepaid digital debit cards for professional development eliminates the need for reimbursement. Flexible financing options such as tuition assistance, scholarships, and completion bonuses expand access to learning.

Curated Skills Marketplace

Providing your employees with a variety of skill-building programs is vital to their individual development journey, but it’s even more important to ensure that these programs align with your business needs. With Learn In, you can access hundreds of top-rated skill-building programs in one marketplace and have the power to direct your employees towards programs that align with your shared goals.

From data analytics and project management to remote leadership and sales training, our Skills Marketplace connects users to the relevant courses, conferences, certificates, and degrees that will further your company and their career. You can even add your own personal learning opportunities and proprietary programs. Get started today for just $10 an employee.

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See how Checkr employees doubled their learner engagement in less than a year using Learn In Benefits.


Read the full Checkr case study with all the details.

Tuition Assistance

Surprisingly, only 5% of employees utilize their company’s tuition assistance program, despite it being offered by 93% of businesses! Don’t let this valuable resource go to waste. With our Tuition Assistance solution, you can finance your employees’ upskilling through tuition prepayment, assistance, scholarships, and financing partners. Gain a clear understanding of the ROI of investing in your workforce’s education, and reimagine learning benefits with the right support, alignment, time, and money.

Under the Hood

Have a look at our implementation walkthrough videos illustrating just how easy our Benefits solutions can be:

Employee Application for Learning Program

Manager Approval for Financing and Time Requests

See Reports and Fund Virtual Cards

Create Financial and Time Benefit

Add or Remove Programs

See Participants and Nominate Employees for Programs

Manage. Measure. Magnify.

Learn In by Degreed gives HR, Learning and Development and Talent professionals, as well as other managers and administrators throughout your organization the control to hand select the inclusions your employees are offered, set limits on individual employee budgets, and approve and award funding. You’ll also be able to track employee progress, see how your dollars are being spent, and set up custom initiatives all within our intuitive dashboard.

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