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Prepaid Learning Stipends

Small investments, big rewards

With a global worker shortage hindering even the best ran organizations the world over, encouraging and enabling your workforce to learn now versus later is imperative. Learn In’s Prepaid Learning Stipend is your Talent Academy’s means of modernizing and accelerating employee access and funding to skill building. Remove the barrier of reimbursement by issuing employees their own prepaid digital debit card to use on their professional development pathway. You can also offer flexible financing options from traditional tuition assistance, scholarships, and completion bonuses, to expand access to learning.

Manage. Measure. Magnify.

With your Learn In Talent Academy dashboard, you and your company’s administrators and managers can easily set limits on individual employee budgets, approve program requests, issue and refill cards with ease, track employee progress, and see the real ROI of that spending.

Under the Hood

Have a look at our implementation walkthrough videos illustrating just how easy our Talent Academy platform can be:

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