What is Learn In?

Learn In helps companies establish talent academies that steer all the resources needed for building a highly skilled workforce. HR, Talent and L&D leaders use Learn In to modernize access to learning budgets and world-class programs, and to simplify the delivery of custom programs to employee groups. Learn In’s core features include a tuition benefits manager, a prepaid learning stipend card, a world-class program marketplace and custom program builder, and dedicated coaching. Now every employee can build deeper skills precisely aligned to company needs.

Co-founded by the founders of Degreed, Learn In is backed by leading edtech & future-of-work investors, including Firework Ventures, Kickstart Fund, Album, Invus Capital, GSV Ventures, and Village Global, and has been covered in CNBC, USA Today, EdTechReview, EdSurge, Fast Company, and Techcrunch.

Our Manifesto

Don’t mind the gap. Cross it. The economy has changed. The skills gap widens further every day. When Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic she said, “My flying has been mostly solo, but the preparation for it wasn’t.”

Like Amelia, you too have an ocean to cross. We need pioneers who are ready to take up the challenge. We are here to prepare you for the journey. Our mission is to help more people cross the skills gap. We partner with your employer to help you find higher pay and higher purpose by upgrading your skills.

We don’t do micro-learning. We do skill-building programs.
We don’t do learning for the sake of it. We do learning for business impact.
We don’t leave engagement to chance. We remove barriers so all can succeed.

Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. What do dreams know of boundaries?

Amelia Earhart

Our Team

Co-founder & founding CEO at Degreed
Investor & Fintech Entrepreneur
Founding Team at Degreed
Global Marketing and Startup Advisor
Technology and Engineering Leader
Co-founder & founding CTO at Degreed

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Fully distributed team, in 10 U.S. states and counting.
Time off when you need it, whenever you need it to support our family first work culture.
We cover 100% medical premiums for employees.

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