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No learning platform should be one size fits all. Our Program Builder lets you craft custom skill building journeys for your team with internal and external learning content, blended learning between cohorts, live sessions, hands-on projects, and more. Easily create onboarding, rotational, leadership, and upskilling programs that bend to your business needs, and meet your employees at every learning moment.

Manage. Measure. Magnify.

This Talent Academy building block lets you spin up a tailored program track in no time with easy to use controls that afford for completion dependencies, quiz and test modules, and more to keep your employees on course. Our transparent reporting gives you immediate line of sight into participant progress, and nudge notifications allow managers to ensure their teams are actively working through your curriculum and scheduled group learning events.

Under the Hood

Have a look at our implementation walkthrough videos illustrating just how easy our Talent Academy platform can be:

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