Nucamp Partnership Offers Affordable Bootcamps To Keep Business Competitive and Employees Upskilling

On average, a coding bootcamp costs anywhere between $7,800 to $21,000. This adds up quickly for cost-conscious companies trying to meet technical talent demands.

To make deep upskilling more affordable and accessible for all employers and employees, Learn In, recently acquired by Degreed, is proud to announce a partnership with Nucamp.

Our Nucamp Partnership Highlights

Nucamp has been making top-tier coding available and more affordable for years. To give you an idea of what “affordable” costs, Nucamp offers the industry’s only genuinely affordable 22-week Full Stack Web & Mobile Development coding bootcamp for under $3,000. Now this affordable course, along with five other Nucamp courses, will be available to clients on our curated skills marketplace

Nucamp is one of many exceptional partners that make up our all-in-one marketplace featuring the industry’s top skill-building programs. Now employers and employees can access high-quality and affordable web development skills from our marketplace. How? Our clients can add Nucamp bootcamps to any talent academy on our platform, and the payments can be seamlessly and equitably processed with our prepaid learning stipend card.

And the price is just one of the many reasons clients using our marketplace will appreciate Nucamp bootcamps.

Through Nucamp partnership, bootcamps are available on Degreed's curated skills marketplace.
Nucamp’s bootcamps are featured on Degreed’s curated skills marketplace.

Affordability & Flexiblity

Along with affordability, Nucamp makes deep upskilling accessible to everyday workers. Employees need flexibility. Let’s be honest, working adults have so many concerns and responsibilities that taking out the trash can seem like a victory. This is why Nucamp employs the flipped classroom model: students study video lectures at their own pace during the week and then attend live video conference workshops with instructors and classmates on the weekend. 

Expertise & Experience

Also, these flexible bootcamps are led by experts. Nucamp further distinguishes its bootcamps by the talent of its instructors, who teach part-time while working in the industry. The 200 instructors at Nucamp bring topic-specific expertise and front-line knowledge into the classroom to ensure the coursework content is highly relevant. 

Satisfaction & Success

By offering such affordable, flexible, and expert-led bootcamps, Nucamp continues to impress in terms of satisfaction, engagement, and job placement. There are over 1600 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Course Report. The company also has an impressive completion rate, which they update daily on their website.  And to demonstrate the deep skill-building they offer employees, you can browse through impressive graduate projects on the Nucamp website.

Check Out Nucamp Partnership

With such an affordable resource at such a critical time, we can’t wait to see how this Nucamp partnership will aid cost-conscious businesses in meeting demands for technical talent and supporting employees with deep, equitable skill-building.

“The disruptive price point of the Nucamp programs makes transformative training more accessible. As the skills gap continues to grow, we’re proud to partner with a company that provides affordable and equitable upskilling for employers and employees.”

Yael Gilboa Kaufmann, Co-Founder and COO at Learn In and SVP of Finance and Operations at Degreed

To take advantage of this brilliant partnership, check out the six Nucamp bootcamps clients can now access on our curated skills marketplace:

  • Web Fundamentals Bootcamp (4 Weeks for $458): Build your foundation with these three pillars of the internet: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for beginners.
  • Complete Software Engineer Path (11 months for $5,644): Learn the complete set of skills employers want with the perfect sequence of 4 individual bootcamps to learn the top two coding languages, JavaScript and Python, and more. 
  • Job Hunting Bootcamp (4 Weeks for $458): Ace your tech interviews with the help of seasoned professionals. 

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